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On the road visiting municipalities … again!

Jul 1, 2021 9:04:21 AM

Local governments are open again—and we’re meeting with leaders.

For the past year and a half, we’ve Zoomed into board meetings and City Halls all over the county. We’ve been sharing our message of how local governments can gain more control over their revenue picture with our 360 Degree Revenue Cloud approach.

We’re sending our local-government revenue experts around the nation for consultations, to perform tax-compliance audits, and set customers up with the business-friendly Localgov platform. You bring the questions, we’ll bring the answers—and a treat of your choice.

>>Book a meeting with our team today. Let’s talk about how Azavar & Localgov can help you drive community restoration and recovery.

Blending tax compliance audits, insights and analytics tools, and online tax-and-fee administration, Azavar helps communities identify missing revenue, reclaim those funds, and grow long-term revenue.

Here are some key issues we're hearing about from local leaders:

  • Getting back on track with a revenue-review program with no up-front fees
  • Managing your growing short-term rental market
  • Creating ordinances that keep up with business trends
  • Making the most of your federal aid dollars
  • How to seize this opportunity to advance going digital
  • Predicting revenue trends to shape spending needs

ted-instaIn the meantime, check out some excellent resources on local government revenue and how your municipality can thrive through a partnership with Azavar:

Not quite ready for an in-person meeting just yet? That's fine, too. We're happy to book an online consultation with your team, such as finance directors, clerks, city managers, or other key stakeholders.

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Ted Kamel

Written by Ted Kamel

Ted Kamel is a native of Tyler, Texas. His public service began in 1984 at age 24 when he was elected the youngest to serve on the Tyler City Council. He served 2 terms including Mayor Pro Tem. For the last 12 years, Kamel has been involved in helping cities with revenue discovery and recovery services. Kamel managed 2,700 hotel audits recovering more than $14 million for client cities.