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Compliance Audits

We've returned more than $500 million to our customers. Find out how.


360-Degree Approach

When’s the last time your municipality or county took a careful look at all sources of revenue? If it’s been a while, there are likely revenue leaks costing your community real dollars that add up to real problems. But through our 360 Degree Revenue Cloud approach, we review your revenue, find any issues, secure missing revenue, and correct errors going forth.

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Why We're Different

  1. We have an insightful and knowledgeable team that knows where to look for missing revenue.
  2. Our technology-driven approach helps quickly and accurately produce actionable plans.
  3. We adeptly navigate challenging utility providers, taxing bodies, multinational corporations, and more to get the money you’re owed.
  4. Our contingency-based fee model means no up-front cost, little risk for local governments.
Our team of finance experts know how to turn over every stone looking for lost revenue, revenue opportunities, and community-friendly ways to ensure compliance. Let's talk.

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Our Process


Audit Types


Utility Taxes

Pinpoint errors in gas, electric, water taxes—known as franchise fees in some states.


Cable Franchise Fees

When companies use your right-of-way, your municipality deserves to be paid—accurately and efficiently.


Sales Tax

Ensure complicated sales and use taxes are properly remitted by all relevant parties.


Telecom Taxes

Charged on phone and mobile bills, this tax type often is rife with errors.


Hotel-Motel Taxes

It’s easy to overlook taxes due on all hotel revenue—not just room stays.


Short-Term Rental Taxes

With dozens of rental services, keeping tabs on all of them is extremely difficult for municipalities.


Food-and-Beverage Taxes

Equalize the playing field for local establishments by checking to make sure all are paying properly.


Waste-Hauler Fees

Double-check hauler-licensing and cartage remittances. It’s easy to miss out on taxes due.


Additional Taxes & Fees

Through a complete look at your revenues, we can identify any concerns and tackle them right away.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Linda Moore-Headshot-1
“We would have never recovered the revenue on our own. It would have been worse than finding a needle in a haystack.”
$90K in taxes clawed back annually for Quincy, Illinois
Linda Moore, Treasurer
John Thorson, Administrative Services Director City of Rock Island
"Our community will continue to benefit in the years to come from the ongoing revenues that were uncovered by Azavar's investigation."
$133K+ recovered for the City of Rock Island, Illinois
John Thorson, Administrative Services Director

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