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Revenue expert Ted Kamel is bringing sweet treats and real talk to governments across Texas.


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Schedule a time to talk.

Pick the date and time that works for your team. We’ll bring the snacks and the answers.*

Not meeting in person yet? We can set up a remote-based meeting, too.*

Here’s some topics that are sure to come up:

  • Revenue leaks: how everyday errors and oversights might be costing your community tens of thousands. With the way Texas communities are growing, it’s very likely that your address rolls have not kept up with taxation.
  • Compliance audits: why it’s important to take a fine-toothed comb to every aspect of local revenue to find where you’ve got issues. Learn about our approach to revenue reviews on everything from sales tax, hotel-motel tax, short-term rental tax, sewage tax—any tax or fee you’ve got on the books.
  • Contingency fees: Azavar understands that every penny counts for local governments. So we keep our contingency fees as low as possible—in fact, we offer the lowest contingency fees of any provider in Texas.
  • Data empowerment: how data-rich insights can power your economic-development efforts. For Texas communities, we offer our comprehensive sales tax reports free for six months.
  • Tax & fee administration: Take more of your paper-based services online, like business registration, short-term rental registration, pet licenses, food & beverage tax, and more. It’s more convenient for users—and frees up your staff for higher-value projects.
  • Strategic partnerships & alliances: Azavar offers municipalities a wide range of complementary services, including with economic-development consultancy Retail Attractions. We’re also proud to be TML, TCMA, and GFOAT conference sponsors.

For more than 25 years, Azavar has worked with 450+ communities across the country to review revenue—and Ted has nearly two decades as a Texas auditor under his belt. We’ve returned more than $500 million to municipalities across America.

Ask Ted how we found $70K for Dayton, Texas in just the past 18 months. It’s adding up quick!

* Public officials may accept food as long as the donor is present and the value is less than $50. Due to Texas ethics laws, we are not able to provide food for remote meetings.

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