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Azavar maximizes for California municipalities. Here’s how.

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Compliance Audits

Revenue leaks happen. Those lost dollars add up quickly, impacting priorities such as infrastructure investments, local amenities, and long-term stability. But through our comprehensive approach to revenue reviews, local governments can identify, claim, and secure every penny due.

Why we’re different

  • We have an insightful and knowledgeable team that knows where to look for missing revenue.
  • Our technology-driven approach helps quickly and accurately produce actionable plans.
  • We adeptly navigate challenging utility providers, taxing bodies, multinational corporations, and more to get the money you’re owed.
  • Our contingency-based fee model means no up-front cost, little risk for municipalities.

Compliance Audit Types in California

Utility use taxes | Franchise fees

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Ordinance Services

Often, the speed of business and market developments outpaces local government’s ability to keep up. We help municipalities review, implement, and refine legislation that helps communities keep up with market conditions.

Additional developments: Every community is different and it’s important to proactively recognize revenue trends before they become revenue challenges. Ordinance development and refinement are part of that solution—and our team can help.

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Data-Driven Decision-Making

Empower your decision-makers with Azavar's data-rich five-year UUT and franchise-fee forecasts and avoid the pitfalls that come when you miss your revenue targets. Work with us to develop projections that help you better understand your revenue fluctuations and really empower department decision-makers.

  • We conduct a full review of the city’s income, expenses, and how market forces were conspiring against it.
  • Through regression analysis and statistical software, we identify and analyze variables that might affect consumer and business spending and best reflect the economic realities of a local government.

  • The result is a budget that spells out future trends in revenue and expenditures so civic leaders can make informed choices for their constituents.

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Concierge Customer Service

The right type of service builds trust and rapport between a municipality and business taxpayers. Our team of local-government and former business owners bring empathy, understanding, and a results-oriented approach to serving business taxpayers and municipal staff.

  • Staff Augmentation: Instead of tracking down out-of-compliance taxpayers using your internal resources, our team manages that process, from initial audit to final remittance.
  • Smooth Intake: Our library science-trained team will organize and manage the forms and files needed for comprehensive revenue reviews and compliance audits—we take care of it all.
  • Support Around the Clock: Our approach to Concierge Customer Service involves offering business taxpayers support on their terms. Our team is available around the clock, and will work to get taxpayers in compliance—no matter how long it takes.

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Here's What Our Customers are Saying

Linda Moore-Headshot-1
“We would have never recovered the revenue on our own. It would have been worse than finding a needle in a haystack.”
$90K in taxes clawed back annually
Linda Moore, Treasurer
John Thorson, Administrative Services Director City of Rock Island
"Our community will continue to benefit in the years to come from the ongoing revenues that were uncovered by Azavar's investigation."
$133K+ recovered
John Thorson, Administrative Services Director

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Many municipalities haven’t taken a comprehensive look at revenue recently. Schedule a time to talk with our team at your leisure and we’ll go over your situation and our approach. Like we say, when it comes to your community’s money, it never hurts to check.

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