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Transform federal relief dollars into short-term recovery and long-term strength.

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Now available: Resources for restoring your community’s fiscal future

At Azavar, we’re proud to be partners to more than 450 local governments across America. And we’ve seen how local leaders are struggling to do it all—and do the right things with these crucial funds.

That’s why we’re introducing the Community Resilience Initiative.

This program combines strategic consulting from federal-government grant writing experts with smart revenue insights from seasoned local-government revenue auditors.

What the Community Resilience Initiative includes:

  • Help with calculating the impact of revenue and income lost due to the pandemic.
  • Assistance identifying eligible projects can make a real difference in your community—and get a head's up about ineligible projects.
  • Guidance as to how to engage constituents in the planning process.
  • Support required to establish and maintain record-keeping and reporting methods.
  • Comprehensive review of all incoming revenue to determine accuracy, growth opportunities, and trends—with no up-front costs.
  • Reclamation of revenues due to your municipality and increased tax compliance.

For consultation regarding federal dollars, up to 75% of consulting costs are reimbursable. And for revenue reviews, there are no up-front fees at all.

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We are excited to help local leaders shape their communities' future while shoring up today's finances.

Let’s talk about how our grant-assistance services and comprehensive compliance auditing program is the one-two punch you need to build a stronger, healthier community.

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