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Azavar News: Enid, Oklahoma

Jun 28, 2021 11:36:52 AM

Ready to review and reclaim revenue for Oklahoma’s 9th largest city

We’re excited to count the Wheat Capital of Oklahoma in our growing customer list of 450+. Our team of seasoned local-government revenue experts is eager to take a fine-toothed comb to the city’s franchise fee receipts.

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Here are some fun facts about Enid, Oklahoma:

  • This city’s very first name was …. Skeleton! A local railroad official changed the name to Enid after a charter in a Tennyson poem.
  • This area was included in The Great Land Run homesteading drive to bring thousands of Eastern settlers into the Plains states.
  • Enid is home to many vibrant murals and unique public sculptures. Check out this mini tour.
  • Enid features an array of tasty restaurants, including BBQ spot like Swadley’s, Billy Sims, and Blaze’s.

Check out some results we’ve gotten for other franchise fee audits:

Take control of local revenue

Examining your receivables on a regular basis is a smart task for all communities, regardless of size. But unfortunately, compliance audits can be complicated, requiring staff time and specialized knowledge. That’s why we’re so excited to help communities across America, including Oklahoma, Texas, and Louisiana.

  • No upfront fees! We work on a contingency basis in most municipalities, as outlined by law
  • Local-revenue auditors with decades of collective experience
  • 450+ customers across the U.S., from small villages to major metros

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Tom Fagan

Written by Tom Fagan

As Senior Analyst, Tom helps local governments identify streams of missed or unknown revenue that will ultimately generate more money for the communities they serve. During six years with Azavar, Tom has signed more than 200 municipalities for our revenue maximization programs