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The City of Quincy, Illinois

Recovered $90K & digitized compliance in five months

The Problem: Local leaders didn’t have the staff or expertise to recover missing revenue or identify new revenue streams, much less find a solution for educating taxpayers and staff or conducting registration and collections.

The Solution: Our team provided an all-in-one revenue maximization and compliance solution that resulted in $90K uncovered in annual revenues and a streamlined taxpayer experience. In partnership with Localgov, we were able to conduct education, registration, and collections in only two months.

Short-term rental | Food & beverage | Tax clawbacks | Ordinance optimization | Digital compliance


The City of Springfield, Illinois

$980K reclaimed from underpayment of franchise fees

The Problem: The City of Springfield suspected it was missing out on utility franchise fees, but didn’t know quite how much.

The Solution: Azavar’s team of analysts discovered that Comcast had underpaid Springfield by nearly $1 million. We quickly negotiated a settlement for Springfield and added significant revenues to the city’s budget.

Franchise fee review | Sales tax review | Lodging tax review | Tax clawbacks | Settlement negotiation


Erie County, Ohio

Identified the total volume of short-term rental hosts and digitized compliance

The Problem: The County didn’t know how to identify or collect taxes from short-term rentals, per new legislation. And it didn’t even have a way for hosts to register rentals or pay taxes on their rental properties.

The Solution: Our team implemented Localgov's Short-Term Rental Administration solution and identified 100% of short-term rental hosts in the jurisdiction. We added online tax-payment capabilities so hosts can now manage their accounts, remit steady payments to the County, and stay compliant.

Lodging tax review | Online-travel company compliance | Taxpayer support | Digital filing & payment


Boost Revenue Without Raising Taxes


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Recover & Collect the Maximum with Azavar's Revenue Reviews

"I wholeheartedly recommend that every community seeking to protect and enhance its revenue sources engage Azavar to conduct a municipal audit program."
Mayor William F. Murphy
The Village of Woodridge, Illinois

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Achieve Better Revenue Collections Through Ordinance Improvement

"Azavar helped to educate my staff, me, and our hotel staff. There were a lot of ambiguities in our old ordinances that had been on the books for thirty, forty years, and we updated and clarified our ordinances."
Linda Moore, Treasurer
Quincy, Illinois



Streamline Taxpayer Online Filings with Localgov Tax & Fee Administration

“Our constituents will benefit from having a secure, transparent, and digital way to file and pay taxes. Localgov is working with Finance to cultivate trust and satisfaction among our community. We are proud to deliver a modern and easy-to-use service to our taxpayers." 
David DLG. Atalig, Secretary of Finance
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

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Empower Your Decision-Makers with Localgov Insights & Analytics

Local governments count on sales taxes from local businesses for up to one-third of their total tax revenues. Automating the process of tracking revenues helps monitor the business health of your community and assists in deciding where to allocate resources. Insights & Analytics empowers finance leaders to explore data, discern trends, and make actionable plans for their community. For Illinois and Texas customers only.

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Since Azavar's launch in 1996, I’ve built a team that delivers immense value, innovative technology solutions, and unparalleled customer service to municipalities across the nation.


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For over 13 years, I’ve helped local governments in Texas find revenue and restore compliance while saving them time, money, and resources. We work to ensure those streams of revenue are flowing for years to come.


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I love working with local governments. The most rewarding aspect of my role is aligning our company on customer priorities and ensuring our products deliver value that exceed customer expectations.

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