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Helping local governments manage and maximize revenue for more than 25 years.


In 1996, Jason Perry founded Azavar.

Why? Because, like all entrepreneurs, he identified a market challenge and believed he could help.

A technologist by training, Jason is the son of a hardworking midwestern city manager. He’d listen to his father wax on about the challenges of providing excellent constituent service while managing a growing community of increasing complexity.

As suburban and exurban communities boomed, legacy government systems couldn’t keep up and municipal coffers lost out on critical revenues at a time when service needs were expanding dramatically.

Jason saw the fantastic potential that modern technology might offer municipalities. Unlike other start-ups at the time, Azavar brought more than just a flashy dot-com approach to its customers’ needs. Governments need—and deserve—gravitas, understanding, and accountability.

As the needs of municipalities have changed, we’ve evolved our business to tackle those requirements, such as adding a full revenue-analysis arm in 2006 and a streamlined tax-remittance platform in 2016.

For more than 25 years, Azavar has provided just that.

  • Smart sensibility combined with limitless creativity.
  • The counsel of experts in partnership with tailor-made solutions.
  • Caring consultation plus always-evolving products.

The result? Smarter cities with stronger finances, responsive leaders, and contented citizens.


Our Commitment

Solid Footing

We’ve been serving local governments for more than 25 years. And we only look forward to growing our future in partnership with municipalities of all sizes. 



Comprehensive Approach

Azavar is proud to center our customers when developing our products and services. We examine the needs of local governments from all angles. 

Always Fine-Tuning

We’re always watching trends, seeing what’s new. And we respond with offerings that will help local governments improve the quality of life for residents. 



Wise Counsel

We are privileged to offer thoughtful consultation and exceptional care to our customers, from civic leaders to taxpayer constituents. All in a day’s work. 




Meet Azavar's Leadership Team


Jason Perry

CEO and President
Azavar Head Shot Audrey Dziemiela

Audrey Dziemiela

Vice President, Product & Customer Success
Azavar Head Shot Tom Fagan

Tom Fagan

Senior Market Executive, Midwest

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