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National Chocolate Cake Day

Jan 27, 2021 2:07:36 PM

January 27 is National Chocolate Cake Day!

Pretty much everyone loves chocolate cake, right? Sinking your teeth into a decadent slice of moist cake slathered in the frosting of your choice … it really doesn’t get much better than that.

Treat yourself to a slice (or two) of chocolate cake from your favorite local bakery today. It’s a great moment of self care, and helps support small businesses. And we all know that Main Street businesses can use every penny right now.


Select from toothsome options located in our partner municipalities around the country:

La Baguette in Melrose Park, Illinois: A stunning selection of custom and retail cakes, plus pastries, including chocolate or course.

Shari’s Pie in Burlington, Washington: The Pacific Northwest is pie country, and Shari’s serves up a chocolate cream dream.

El Pastel Bakery in Kingsville, Texas: Knows as one of the best makers of pan dulce

Bake Erie in Erie County, Ohio: Pick up some old-school creme-filled chocolate cupcakes (and some milk, too!)

Get Your Just Desserts

While you’re enjoying your first mouthful, consider taking a closer look at your municipality’s sales-tax review and other receivables. You never know where errors might be costing your community—and it’s never been more critical to get it right.

Start on a sweeter story for your community with a slate of revenue reviews today. Our 360 Degree Revenue Cloud approach means our team of experts takes a comprehensive look at any potential revenue leaks and streamlines compliance to prevent future errors.

Because that chocolate cake will taste so much richer when you know you’ve done all you can to make sure your community is set up for the future. Let’s talk.

Shylo Bisnett

Written by Shylo Bisnett

Shylo Bisnett is a Content Marketing Specialist at Azavar and Localgov. In addition to managing a career as a freelance strategic writer, she also founded and chaired a local not-for-profit organization geared toward building relationships among residents, elected officials, and non-governmental organizations.