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Get that Flu Shot ASAP

Nov 4, 2020 6:44:11 AM

A Nudge from Your Favorite Government Technology Provider

It’s flu-shot season! You’ve been reminded, hounded, harped at by partners, friends, doctors, and leaders to get your flu shot this season. But we’re going to do it, too. Get your flu shot already!

Bandaid on arm from flushot

This season, it’s all about keeping people out of hospitals in case of further COVID spikes. According to the Centers for Disease Control, a typical flu season usually sends 200,000 Americans to the hospital. Some communities are seeing COVID rates spike so high that hospitals are already pushed to the limits, and we’re well outside of the height of flu season. Here’s a great piece from Stanford Medicine’s Health Center outlining why you need that flu shot this year more than ever. 

“In an August survey of 1,000 people by the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases, 28% percent of U.S. respondents said the pandemic made them more likely to get the flu vaccine.”
Time, Oct. 7, 2020

It’s easy and affordable to get a flu shot, with or without insurance. It is offered at many drugstores and pharmacies, through community-based health centers and municipal drives, and through your primary-care provider. Find the closest vaccine to you using this handy online tool. 

We at Azavar just want you to be safe this season so we can continue a positive and productive relationship with all our government clients for years to come.

And wash your hands!

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Shylo Bisnett

Written by Shylo Bisnett

Shylo Bisnett is a Content Marketing Specialist at Azavar and Localgov. In addition to managing a career as a freelance strategic writer, she also founded and chaired a local not-for-profit organization geared toward building relationships among residents, elected officials, and non-governmental organizations.