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City Hall: A Must-See Documentary

Nov 6, 2020 6:20:49 AM

Critics are raving about a new film that explores local government in positive and surprising ways

As a friend to state and local governments, Azavar is always happy to see media portray civic employees as brave, committed, and creative leaders. (Parks & Recreation is one of our favorite shows, of course.)
Recently, we’ve been seeing a wealth of stellar reviews for a new documentary by Frederick Wiseman, City Hall. This look inside Boston’s City Hall sounds like a real winner. Although it clocks in at more than four hours in length, reviews call it an engrossing look inside local government.

City Hall follows municipal employees doing the hard work of government, such as inspecting housing, taking non-emergency dispatch calls, and conducting community meetings. And while this might not seem like riveting subject matter for a documentary, the New York Times selected it as a Critic’s Pick

At Azavar, our team understands how hard state and local leaders work to improve their communities and the lives of residents. We've seen it for more than 25 years. And perhaps through this documentary, a few more people will recognize that, too.

Learn more about City Hall, and find out where you can view the documentary while theaters remain shuttered. 



Shylo Bisnett

Written by Shylo Bisnett

Shylo Bisnett is a Content Marketing Specialist at Azavar and Localgov. In addition to managing a career as a freelance strategic writer, she also founded and chaired a local not-for-profit organization geared toward building relationships among residents, elected officials, and non-governmental organizations.