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New Customer Announcement: Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania

Jan 13, 2021 9:20:46 AM

Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania

We are excited to welcome this community to our roster of customers. Tucked in the northeast corner of Pennsylvania, Mount Pocono is part of the Poconos Mountains region known around the world for scenery, recreation, and restoration.

About the Community

Mount Pocono sits at the heart of this thriving tourist region. At its center, two major thoroughfares speed visitors and residents to resorts, casinos, and recreation sites throughout the Pocono Mountains. But Mount Pocono, with its more than 3,000 residents, is home to major retailers as well as quaint local businesses.

The Casino Theatre & Village Malt Shoppe, open in some form since 1922, is a must-visit spot when you're in Mount Pocono. During COVID, this entertainment complex is hosting viewing and gaming parties by reservation only for families and pods. Loe to see small-business creativity and fortitude!


Making Sure: Time for a Doublecheck

In order to serve those residents, a community needs predictable funds. That’s why it’s important to Mount Pocono’s finance team to make sure that it's getting all the funds due its residents from franchise fees. These funds are remitted by local utilities in exchange for using public property. Seems fairly straightforward, but franchise fees are often not paid properly due to address-coding errors and other issues. Unfortunately, most municipalities don’t have the time or staff resources needed to identify and rectify errors and claw back lost revenue. That’s why bartering with Azavar is the right move for Mount Pocono.

What About You?

When is the last time your community reviewed its franchise fees? Are you absolutely sure that you’re getting every last penny? If not, consider setting up a call with our team today. We can help you understand Azavar’s unique approach to revenue reviews and walk you through our 360 Degree Revenue Cloud.

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Tom Fagan

Written by Tom Fagan

As Senior Analyst, Tom helps local governments identify streams of missed or unknown revenue that will ultimately generate more money for the communities they serve. During six years with Azavar, Tom has signed more than 200 municipalities for our revenue maximization programs