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Federal Aid & Local Government in 2021

Apr 20, 2021 10:03:31 AM

A wrap-up of recent posts on this critical issue

At Azavar, we’ve been a partner to local governments for 25 years, helping grow incremental revenue, stabilize revenue, and stay on top of changing market conditions, from short-term rentals to cable cord-cutting. But the pandemic has sharpened our focus to helping connect municipalities with the funding it needs for the most critical services.


Over the past year, the U.S. federal government has created several relief programs for state, local, and tribal governments, small businesses, and individuals. Bookmark this wrap-up of our coverage about these programs over the past few months. We’ll keep adding to it, bringing you critical details:

What’s next? Get the help you need to handle grant programs

Combing through these guidelines, new orders, and deadlines can be extremely taxing for already-overworked local-government staff. Tap Azavar’s disaster-recovery experts for comprehensive, end-to-end management of grant applications.

Working with seasoned consultants who fully understand the ins and outs of the federal funding cycle can garner more resources for your community. Consulting costs are 75% reimbursable under current policies which makes our program a cost-effective approach. 

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Shylo Bisnett

Written by Shylo Bisnett

Shylo Bisnett is a Content Marketing Specialist at Azavar and Localgov. In addition to managing a career as a freelance strategic writer, she also founded and chaired a local not-for-profit organization geared toward building relationships among residents, elected officials, and non-governmental organizations.