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Helping Morgan City, Louisiana Ensure Tax Compliance

Apr 19, 2021 11:15:25 AM

We are excited to announce our newest customer, Morgan City, Louisiana. This community is proud of its location “right in the middle of everywhere”—almost equidistant between New Orleans, Lafayette, and Baton Rouge—and we are proud to help Morgan City take control of its finances through a series of comprehensive compliance audits. 

After we help municipalities review revenue, then we reclaim missing funds, get taxpayers in compliance, and help communities stabilize their finances for long-term growth.


About Morgan City, Louisiana

Take a look at this vibrant southeastern Louisiana community.

It’s your turn

When is the last time your community reviewed its revenue? It’s quite likely that you’re missing out on revenue through miscoded addresses and other errors. But municipal staff are often short on time or lack detailed auditing knowledge to perform comprehensive compliance reviews.

At Azavar, we’ve worked exclusively with local governments for 25 years. Our team of finance experts know how to turn over every stone looking for lost revenue, revenue opportunities, and community-friendly ways to ensure compliance.

Take a look at our case-studies section to learn how we’ve worked with communities across America ensure tax compliance, from short-term rental taxes, utility taxes, and food & beverage taxes.

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Ted Kamel

Written by Ted Kamel

Ted Kamel is a native of Tyler, Texas. His public service began in 1984 at age 24 when he was elected the youngest to serve on the Tyler City Council. He served 2 terms including Mayor Pro Tem. For the last 12 years, Kamel has been involved in helping cities with revenue discovery and recovery services. Kamel managed 2,700 hotel audits recovering more than $14 million for client cities.