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New Customer: Issaquah, Washington

Apr 8, 2021 6:14:53 AM

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For local governments, it’s always been important to have a consistent flow of revenue to ensure stable finances. But with so much economic uncertainty, all communities should take a second look at revenue.

Like our latest customer, Issaquah, Washington.

Our 360 Degree Revenue Cloud approach will help this municipality review all sources of revenue to identify errors, find missing dollars, and ensure total tax compliance.

About Issaquah, Washington

  • Just 15 miles east of Seattle, Issaquah was deemed “Best Suburb” by Sunset magazine.
  • Hikers, climbers, and paragliders flock to the nearby “Issaquah Alps,” a rambling series of hills, buttes, and erratics perfect for adventuring.
  • The city is also home to the headquarters of membership club Costco.
  • Issaquah is a family-friendly destination, with destinations such as endangered-species education center, Cougar Mountain Zoo, European chocolatier Boehm’s Candies, a historic train depot, and much more.

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New Azavar Client: Issaquah, Washington

What about your community?

A series of revenue reviews is a great way to demonstrate to your constituents that your local government is serious about maximizing revenue, before raising taxes or fees.

Through our 360 Degree Revenue Cloud approach, our team of local-government experts combs through your books, everything from short-term rental fees to utility taxes to franchise fees.

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Tom Fagan

Written by Tom Fagan

As Senior Analyst, Tom helps local governments identify streams of missed or unknown revenue that will ultimately generate more money for the communities they serve. During six years with Azavar, Tom has signed more than 200 municipalities for our revenue maximization programs