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Another Great New Customer: Lafayette Consolidated Government

Jan 18, 2021 8:24:14 AM

Lafayette Consolidated Government

We are incredibly excited to welcome the Lafayette Consolidated Government to the Azavar family of customer. This entity oversees administration of Lafayette Parish, the City of Lafayette, and select other areas through an intergovernmental agreement.

Mardi-Gras-Flag Lafayette Consolidated Government


About This Community

Right in the center of Acadiana, Lafayette and the surrounding communities are the beating heart of Louisiana’s Cajun heritage. When you visit, make sure to stop by Acadian Village, an authentically recreated Acadian settlement depicting life in this region in the 1880s. The area also features many renowned Cajun and Creole restaurants whipping up toothsome local dishes. Bon Temps Grill, with its “swamp edge cuisine,” and The Cajun Table, where you can quite literally cover your table in fresh-boiled crawfish, are particular favorites.

Taking a Closer Look

When Mayor-President Josh Guillory was elected in late 2019, he assured the residents of the area that he wasn’t in favor of raising taxes. It’s important to our clients that they make certain that their municipalities are receiving all possible fees due before seeking out additional levies from residents. One of the ways to do that is through regular, comprehensive revenue reviews, like the one we’re helping LCG do for its franchise-fee revenues.

Our team of analysts will scour LCG’s franchise fees, which are payments made to the municipality by local utilities, to make sure there are no errors, missing funds, or other problems.

What About You?

When is the last time your community reviewed its franchise fees? Are you absolutely sure that you’re getting every last penny? If not, consider setting up a call with our team today. We can help you understand Azavar’s unique approach to revenue reviews and walk you through our 360 Degree Revenue Cloud.

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Ted Kamel

Written by Ted Kamel

Ted Kamel is a native of Tyler, Texas. His public service began in 1984 at age 24 when he was elected the youngest to serve on the Tyler City Council. He served 2 terms including Mayor Pro Tem. For the last 12 years, Kamel has been involved in helping cities with revenue discovery and recovery services. Kamel managed 2,700 hotel audits recovering more than $14 million for client cities.