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Recovering local tax revenue in Blackwell, Oklahoma

Sep 2, 2021 8:11:45 AM

Tucked south of the Kansas border sits an Oklahoma town that wants to do right by its residents and business owners.

Blackwell, Oklahoma (pop. 7,092) wants to ensure that the town’s finances are accurate and transparent.

That's why this community's leaders have selected Azavar to perform a comprehensive slate of compliance audits on revenue such as franchise fees and utility taxes, short-term rentals and HOT taxes.

How small municipalities can manage compliance audits

Every town needs to be reviewing revenue regularly. However, many municipalities—especially smaller ones—simply don’t have the in-house resources or staff time to take on technical projects like these.

That’s why we’re so excited to lighten the load for cities like Blackwell. 

Through a partnership with Azavar, small communities gain access to revenue experts and market-leading technical knowledge. Our team uncovers where revenue is leaking, stops the losses, and reclaims revenue for the community as outlined by statute. 

Now's the time

Learn how your community can get help with municipal revenue reviews, just like Blackwell. We'll take on the task—so you can focus on serving constituents. Schedule a no-strings-attached call today.

Learn more about Blackwell, Oklahoma

This quaint city is part of Oklahoma's Red Carpet region, a nod to the soil color and welcoming spirit. Check out these highlights:


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Ted Kamel

Written by Ted Kamel

Ted Kamel is a native of Tyler, Texas. His public service began in 1984 at age 24 when he was elected the youngest to serve on the Tyler City Council. He served 2 terms including Mayor Pro Tem. For the last 12 years, Kamel has been involved in helping cities with revenue discovery and recovery services. Kamel managed 2,700 hotel audits recovering more than $14 million for client cities.