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DeKalb County selects Azavar to manage Federal grants

Oct 21, 2021 3:24:17 PM

DeKalb County, Illinois selects Azavar to maximize the impact of federal grant dollars

Right now, it’s all hands on deck for local governments. Just performing day-to-day services can be challenging as needs increase and staff turnover is high.

This means local governments are in a bind between providing acute services and managing projects with longer term impact. Federal grants are one such example, as they come with specific reporting requirements, benchmarks, and timelines to meet.

DeKalb County, Illinois found itself with just that challenge. In an effort to balance constituent needs with FEMA grant management. DeKalb realized that a specialized firm could effectively manage program requirements that come with these critical dollars.

Azavar, with its office in nearby Chicago, offers the Community Resilience Initiative, a complete grants-management service for local governments. Staffed by seasoned federal consultants, Azavar partners with municipalities across the country to ensure effective management of grants


Federal grants management consulting services

From FEMA funds to American Rescue Plan dollars, communities across America are scrambling to make sure every dollar counts. By partnering with a seasoned grant assistance provider such as Azavar, communities receive crucial help with:

  • Identifying eligible projects and avoiding funding ineligible projects
  • Establishing workable record-keeping and reporting procedures
  • Engaging constituents in goal-setting and project selection
  • And more key activities

DeKalb County will benefit from these services, but not at a huge cost. In fact, for consultation regarding federal dollars, up to 75% of consulting costs are reimbursable. This way, communities can get expert help while ensuring that most funds stay close to home.

Local governments: get started with federal grants management

Reach out to our team at Azavar to learn about the Community Resilience Initiative, federal grants program management, FEMA and American Rescue Plan grant management, and more.

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