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$45K in additional local revenue after a compliance audit

Jun 15, 2021 11:52:22 AM

Learn how we're bringing revenue home to Chino Hills, California

Southern California’s Chino Hills community is tucked at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains. This area has experienced explosive population growth over the past 20 years and now boasts a population of nearly 84,000. Local leaders need more funds to keep up with expansion.

Challenge: Chino Hills municipal leaders need to identify revenue leaks.

As an industry-leading partner to local governments for more than 25 years, Azavar was happy to help. Plus, our contingency-only fee model means that Chino Hills wouldn’t be on the hook for time and materials only to discover no revenue: we only get paid if we find missing money.

Results: Azavar’s revenue discovery system found significant dollars through misdirected franchise fees.

Our tax compliance experts combined GIS tools, plus human-powered insight, to examine utility remittances for errors.

  • Through our electric auditing, Azavar found 880 incorrectly coded addresses, which represents $11,000 in additional revenue for Chino Hills per year.

  • Our team also found $34K in back franchise fees owed to the city.

In total? That’s $45K in missing money recovered, plus additional revenue going forth.

Local governments need to turn over every rock, couch cushion, etc. to find missing money that could be put to use on behalf of its residents and businesses.

From economic development activities to fill empty storefronts to staffing summer-camp programs, these dollars represent real impact.

That's why our team at Azavar is so committed to this work.


It never hurts to check your taxes and fees

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