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Komatsu Mining
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Digital Strategy Consulting / Responsive UX / Website Development

About Komatsu Mining

Komatsu Mining Corp. (formerly Joy Global Inc.) is a leading provider of advanced equipment, systems and direct services for the global mining industry. It is the world’s largest manufacturer of underground mining machinery, a critical component of operations in the energy, hard rock and industrial mineral industries.


With headquarters in Milwaukee, Wis. and operations in 20 countries supporting 12,000 employees and multiple machinery brand names, Komatsu Mining had accumulated four websites to reach the customers of four types of mining. To view the company’s entire product line required navigating between multiple websites. What’s more, the sites were in multiple languages.

The goal was to consolidate four separate websites into a single, responsive site that not only supported Komatsu Mining’s newly developed brand and positioning statements, but also global customers in a variety of industries in a variety of languages from both desktop and mobile platforms.

  • Position Komatsu Mining as a single organization and brand
  • Consolidate four websites into one that supports both desktop and mobile use
  • Translate the site into as many as seven languages
  • Develop user confidence with an easy-to-use site


Anytime a company operates internationally there is a challenge in how to communicate effectively across countries, regions and languages. Komatsu Mining’s project was no different—and it also entailed merging four brands into one at the same time. In addition, we were challenged with how to consolidate content and visual assets from four disparate sites into just one, with a clear navigation system that made sense to users.

  • Transfer and consolidate 300 web pages and 1,000 photos, documents and videos.
  • Reduce redundancy and onerous link structure.
  • Manage and display videos hosted on internal or external servers.
  • Connect and integrate with password-protected portals and extranet sites


As you might guess, developing a sensible navigation system and powerful user experience were at the top of our minds.. We had to solve how to move a three-dimensional chess game to an easy-to-grasp game of checkers—all without losing any strategy or players along the way.  

  • Geolocation techniques to send users to correct regional version.
  • Content management system with multiple page templates.
  • Submission forms—integrated with Salesforce—to collect data and leads by region, language and dialect.
  • Robust category-selection options and related-product suggestions.
  • Digital experience cloud (DEC) platform for a 360-degree view of customer touchpoints.


Mission accomplished! Komatsu Mining decommissioned four regional websites and introduced a single site—translated into 12 dialects—to support its newly defined brand. At the same time, it improved the ability of its sales and marketing teams to use and manage site content on their own, including the ability to deliver an optimized customer journey based on digital experience cloud inputs. Most of all, the new site provided an improved, positive user experience with its customers and prospective customers.

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Awards and Recognition

Azavar Technologies honored as bronze Stevie® Award Winner in 2017 American Business AwardsSM .

Bronze Stevie Award

Judge's Comments
"Clean and well organized site. The video with the animation helped portray how the full systems solutions worked as well acted as a good primer for the various roles, functions of the machines. What a project! Well done. Responsive design is a must these days! Good use of video content on both the home page and each product page. Would have liked to see a more engaging home page. Simple and effective. Nothing too fancy but a nice integration job."

About Stevie® Award
Stevie® Award recognizes the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and working professionals worldwide. Learn more about Stevie® Award.

Tech Corner

  • Sitefinity CMS and DEC (including geolocation and translation tools)
  • Microsoft® .NET structure
  • Integration with Lumesse careers portal
  • Integration with Salesforce

"It was a no-brainer. I knew right then and there that Azavar was the right one."

Dana Michaels
Digital Marketing Manager